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White Sand and Stone

Sliding Scale

Hospice and palliative services are understaffed and underfunded in Canada. Ideally, all Canadians would have a team of professionals looking after their physical, emotional and spiritual needs during this most sacred time. End-of-life doulas are stepping in to fill the emotional and spiritual needs; however, they are not remunerated by the public health system. In order to provide services to as many individuals and families as possible, your active participation in deciding your contribution is requested. 

White Sand and Stone

Tier 1 
$0-$75 / hr

  • ​​I'm constantly worried about meeting my basic needs.

  • I have no or very limited discretionary income. I qualify for old age supplement, Ontario Disability Program and/or subsidized housing.

  • I have no savings.

  • My family does not have access to assets; I send money to my family when able.

  • I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing.


White Sand and Stone

Tier 2 
$75-$125 / hr

  • ​I may stress about meeting my needs sometimes but I regularly achieve them.

  • I have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs. May include student loans, and most people in my family have higher education.

  • I might have some savings.

  • I can take a vacation annually or every few years.

  • I have some expendable income; able to have some new items and some thrift.

  • My family has some assets, like owning a home. My housing is stable and mid- to higher-end.


White Sand and Stone

Tier 3 
$125-$175 / hr

  • I am able to meet all of my basic needs.

  • I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment.

  • I have access to savings and both earned and unearned assets.

  • I can afford an annual vacation and/or take time off without financial burden.

  • I have discretionary income. 

  • My family has assets like investments and property. Someone else contributes to my rent, mortgage, or down-payment.

  • I own my home and/or rent a higher-end property. I have or anticipate inheriting property. I own or lease a car.


This sliding scale is posted on It is replicated here with permission from PDDC. It was Introduced to PDDC via the Andean Medicine for Liberation workshop hosted by Coca Rosa at Centro Corona. PDDC acknowledges and appreciates the intellectual labor performed in creating such effective tools.

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