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My desire is to support you and/or your loved ones, whether you are newly diagnosed or currently receiving palliative care.

Clients (the dying and/or families) feel the deep understanding I gained while being a caregiver to my husband for ten years. Widowed in 2016, I understand the anxiety, fear, exhaustion, and worries you may experience. I can work with you to ensure that the remaining hours, days, weeks, decades are fulfilling.

I will support you in coming to terms of with what is to come and in making it as beautiful and peaceful as possible. For this, I lean into my certification as an End of Life Carer, and my decade of coaching individuals as a Master Integral Coach. My coaching practice focuses on enabling “givers/nurturers” in learning to give to others in a “self-sustaining” way, that is, in a manner that doesn’t deplete them or potentially lead to burnout (Life Coach Testimonials).

Finally, my PhD in medical sociology (mental health) and my 25-year professional career in health care policy offers a solid background to advocate for your needs and hopes.

I wish to meet you where you are in your journey and lighten your load.

About Marie-Anik Gagné

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