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HELP: I’m sad, as I age seems like my life keeps getting smaller.

You are not alone in feeling this way. As we journey through life, there are moments when it can feel overwhelming. Perhaps it's the need to downsize and let go of cherished possessions, or the realization that our physical abilities or travel opportunities are more limited. We may be faced with the loss of friends and loved ones. In all these transitions, it is important to find balance and continue to grow, embracing the joys life has to offer until our last day.

One key aspect of finding balance is shifting our perspective when it comes to belongings. Instead of approaching every shopping experience with a sense of sadness, worrying about the need to declutter, we can change our mindset. If you truly love something, allow yourself the pleasure of acquiring it. But in return, commit to giving away five things from your possessions when you return home. By doing so, you not only indulge in the things that bring you joy, but you also maintain a healthy balance by letting go of other items that no longer serve you.

It is also important to shift our focus from trying to give our possessions to family members or sell them. Your family also wants to pleasure of selecting their silverware as you did. While your possessions mean a lot to you and you may remember exactly how much you paid for them, truth is, they are not worth a 10th of that today. Obviously, there are exceptions, but they are fewer than you think. While these items may have brought you pleasure, attempting to hold onto them for family or financial reasons can only lead to disappointment. Instead, consider passing them on to others, specifically those you may not know personally. There is a sense of fulfillment in giving to strangers, knowing that our treasured belongings will find new life and bring joy to someone else. Embrace the act of giving without attachment or expectation.

While the loss of friends is undoubtedly a challenging and saddening experience, it should not deter us from seeking new connections. In fact, it is crucial to constantly make new friends and foster relationships, regardless of age. Embrace the opportunity to meet new people, younger or older, and do not shy away from expressing your love and affection to those you connect with. Friendship knows no boundaries of time or age, and by embracing new connections, we open ourselves up to a world of love and support. Yes, it is work, but you used to work at maintaining friendships with your deceased friends.

Although our travel opportunities may become more limited as we age, it does not mean we should stop pursuing new experiences. Just because the destinations may be closer to home does not make them any less enriching. Explore your surroundings, delve into local cultures, and seek out new adventures available near you. Appreciate the beauty and wonders that can be found close by, as they offer unique opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

In essence, finding balance in life's transitions involves embracing change with a positive mindset. It is about enjoying the present moment, indulging in the things we love, giving without expectations, forming new connections, and exploring the opportunities that lie within reach. Life is a continuous journey, and regardless of its twists and turns, we can find joy and fulfillment by cultivating a mindset of growth and embracing the possibilities that each new day brings.

If you need to talk about the transitions you are experiencing, I’m here for you, just call or text me. As an Integral Master Coach and certified end-of-life doula, I can provide you with support and guidance. I offer in-person help to people in neighboring communities like Carleton Place, Rideau Lakes, Westport, Smith Falls, and Merrickville, and virtual services.

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