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Imagine having a dedicated personal certified coach developing a coaching program just for you.  A program based on an approach with a proven track record for delivering lasting change.


Now imagine this professional guidance being offered by someone with the ability to see beyond your current situation. A coach trained to build on your strengths and develop the competencies you need to achieve your most desired goals.


You can be supported to a radically healthier and satisfying life with this Integral Coaching® method.

Practice Areas



  • Excel in new career/job

  • Shine as manager

  • Inspire as leader




  • Connect meaningfully

  • Communicate lovingly

  • Find fulfillment



  • Embrace change

  • Thrive in uncertainty

  • Surpass your expectations

Client Coaching Goals (examples)
  • Be fulfilled in my current position while I search for a new position

  • Improve my life balance to have a fulfilled career and well-rounded life

  • Control my multi-tasking to be truly present for my children

  • Communicate more effectively at work to increase my influence

  • Motivate my Directors to be more focused and increase efficiency


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